At Bellevue Christian Center, we believe growing in a relationship with Jesus happens best together in community with other people. We call our communities LifeGroups.

Please be aware that each group has a max number of people it can hold. Our website is unable to cap these numbers. Due to this, if you sign up for a group that becomes full, we will contact you and help you select a different group that fits your schedule.

Sermon Based  LifeGroups are discussion based on each week’s sermon.

Grill & Chill LifeGroups are designed to be more of a casual hang out, building relationships and enjoying good food.

Curriculum LifeGroups will be based on a book/video curriculum.




LG100  Tuesdays @ 7pm, Bellevue
Led by: Ron & Cindy VanDyke + Doug & Debra Martin (12 max)



LG101  Thursdays @ 7pm, Bellevue
Led by: Dan & Pam Durham (16 max)



LG102  Saturdays @ 8:30am, BCC (Men Only)
Led by: Don Graf + Ron VanDyke (10 max)





*Family groups & children welcome



LG202  Sundays @ 6:30pm, Omaha (College Age)
Led by: Kevin & Kate Fox (No max)
This group is open to college students (including in-coming freshman) and Masters Commission students.



FULL  *LG203  Tuesdays @ 6:30pm, Bellevue
Led by: Jonathan & Anna Richardson + Cory & Rebecca Demmel (20 max)
Card games, yard games, and board games. Come have some fun and bring your kids.



FULL  LG204  Tuesdays @ 7pm, Bellevue
Led by Bryon & Martha Tenski + Paul & Rachel Pridham (20 max)
Come, with your significant other, to enjoy a fun evening out with friends, have good conversation, and play games.



*LG205  Wednesdays @ 10am, Bellevue (Women Only)
Led by: Sharon Knuth + Shawna Ziegler (10 max)
A group for moms to connect with each other while their kids play at the park.



LG206  Wednesdays @ 7pm, Bellevue (Women Only)
Led by: Terri Norton + Raquel Porter (20 max)
Time to relax, snack, and make new friends! We will also have an encouraging devotion each week and a refreshing 20-30 minute walk around the neighborhood.



*LG207  Wednesdays @ 7pm, Bellevue (Bowling)
Led by: Walter Hooker (No max)
Come bowl with us each Wednesday night at Leopard Lanes. Cost is $6 each week.



FULL  *LG208  Wednesday @ 7pm, Papillion
Led by: Linda Stargell + Mary Ann Leaton (20 max)
Come “grill and chill” on God’s front porch. We will enjoy the summer nights outside in each other’s company.



LG209  Thursdays @ 7pm, LaVista
Led by: Grenal & Cathy Jackson (18 max)
Come join us for a time of awesome fellowship, hilarious laughter, games, and scrumptious food.


LG210  Fridays @ 6am, Villiage Inn on Fortcrook (Men Only)
Led by: Art Phillips (15 max)
A group of men who love breakfast, coffee, and great conversation.



*LG211  Fridays @ 1pm, Bellevue (Women Only)
Led by: Raquel Porter + Elblimar Bradford (14 max)
Come laugh and play with your children in the company of others. With a possibility of play dates depending on the weather. Fun isn’t just for kids!



*Family groups & children welcome



LG301  Tuesdays @ 2pm, Bellevue (Women Only)
Led by: Juanita Hartwig + Linda Roberts (10 max)
Join us as we study “The Mind Connection” by Joyce Meyer. Thoughts can seem random and meaningless, but they impact your life every day. It’s all connected. What you think affects your words, attitude, decisions, and emotions and influences how you relate to yourself, to other people, and to God.

FULL  LG302  Wednesdays @ 7pm, Bellevue (Women Only)
Led by: Jody Hinman + Mary Kay Hockabout (15 max)
This group will do a mixture of “The Daniel Plan” by Rick Warren and sermon based discussions. The Daniel Plan is framed around Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus, and Friends – life areas that all work together to restore and sustain your long-term health.