Royal Rangers

The Royal Rangers' Mission: To reach, teach, and keep boys for Christ!

Royal Rangers is an activity-based outdoor program seeking to develop that total boy for Christ according to Christ’s example (Luke 2:52). Royal Rangers provides boys and young men the opportunity to discover and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, while learning teamwork, leadership, and a variety of outdoor skills. An individual’s progress may be represented by his progress along a structures advancement program where recognition is given for his progress toward each advancement level.

During the school year, the different groups meet on Wednesday nights from 7:00 – 8:30 pm. Various other outdoor activities happen throughout the year.

Come be a part of this exciting program as we work together to reach men and boys for Christ through the ministry of Royal Rangers.

Contact Dan Stussy to find out more at 402.212.4717 or e-mail at

Facts about Royal Rangers

Purpose of the Royal Rangers Ministry
1.  To evangelize boys for Christ
2.  To develop total boy for Christ (spiritually, physically, mentally, and socially)
3.  To keep boys in our churches

Our Aim and Goals for Royal Rangers
To instruct, challenge and inspire our boys in the areas of Bible doctrine, Christian service, moral conduct and basic beliefs of our church through interesting activities boys enjoy.

Our Goals
1.  To instruct in Bible Doctrine. When a boy participates in Royal Rangers, he should have a basic knowledge of what the Bible teaches.
2.  To challenge for Christian service. When a boy completes this program he should be ready to take his place in the area of Christian service where God wants him to be.
3.  To inspire a belief in the fundamental beliefs of our church. When a boy completes this program he should be Christian in belief for the remainder of his life.
4.  To satisfy the boy’s basic need for activity. A boy engaged in this program should have enough interesting activities to do to prevent him from being tempted to engage in unwholesome activities.

The Advancement Trail

Personal advancement is one of the core methods of the Royal Rangers program. As boys grow through their involvement in rangers they will encounter many opportunities for advancement. Each age group in Royal Rangers provides an advancement trail that is both challenging and rewarding to boys.

Ranger Kids
Grades K-2

Discovery Kids
Grades 3-5

Adventure Rangers
Grades 6-8

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