Digging Into God’s Word - Gary Hoyt


Hey Church-

Have you been reading the Word aloud? Last Sunday we shared from 2 Chron 34 about how young King Josiah had the Book of God read verbally to all of the people. So, we challenged everyone to read three Bible chapters aloud to someone else every day this week.

Many are reading them to family members, roommates or friends. Others are calling friends on the phone and reading the Word aloud to one another each morning. Parents are even reading at night with infants who don’t yet understand what is being said. God’s Word is always profitable!

In my household, we decided to read through the New Testament Epistles, starting with Galatians and going forward from there. On Monday and Tuesday, Laurie and I were out of town, so we read the Scriptures aloud with Anna over the phone. It was awesome! I could really sense the Holy Spirit as we took this small step of honoring God’s Word.

If you haven’t started yet, let me encourage you to take a step and find someone that you can read the Scriptures out loud with once per day–and make it a priority all week long. I can’t wait until Sunday to hear what God did inside of you as you prioritized the Living Word of the Living God! Let’s DIG!

Pastor Hoyt

P.S. If you missed service–listen to the podcast here. Also, if you missed the Journey Retreat, all of the sessions will be available on the website by the end of this week.

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